Example Question:  What kind of pet do you own?

To select any of the 5 answers above in any order, simply click on the box with your mouse.  (You must allow blocked content - active x controls.  Do this by clicking on the yellow bar at the top of the screen and selecting "Allow blocked content".)

The person who is running the computer will need a copy of the correct answers so that they know which box to reveal when the correct answers are given.

You will not need internet access to play the game.  However, you will need a copy of internet explorer to use in playing the game.

Scores will be kept by volunteers on white boards or poster board where all can see.

The game will include 8 - 10 questions for you to choose from.  (A full game only needs 4 or 5!)  Then, 5 different questions will be part of the bonus round.

Complete directions will come with the game purchase for $10.  If you have any questions - Email


(To help eliminate spam - This email address is not a link.  You'll need to personally type in the email address and a subject line such as "Question about the Christmas Challenge Game".)

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