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Previews from Stuff 4 Church are FREE so that your group can find the perfect dinner theater script

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       Please select up to 3 scripts listed below to preview.  Trying to read more than that is overwhelming.
     Note:  If you select more than three, I will narrow down your selection for you.
  DT #5 Suspect Hollywood by Nancy Bond  
  DT #6 The Case of the Sinister Senior Sabotage by Nancy Bond  
  DT #7 The Conundrum on the Crackerjack Cruise by Nancy Bond  
  DT #8 Murder at Mike’s by Nancy Bond   (Choose 8 or 8b -- not both.) Theater 4 Church Logo
  DT #8b Mystery at Mike’s by Nancy Bond   (Choose 8 or 8b -- not both.)
  DT #9 Sabotage on “The Ultimate Server” by Nancy Bond
  DT #10 Wrangle at Red Mountain Ranch by Nancy Bond
  DT #11 New York Dreams by Nancy Bond
  DT #12 Who's Cookin'? by Nancy Bond
  DT #13 The Hawaiian Heist by Nancy Bond
  DT #14 Missing Greenbacks: An Old-Time Radio Mystery  by Nancy Bond
Medium Size DT #4 Kidnapped: A Chocolate Whodunit by Nancy Bond  
  Mini-Mystery A The Cupcake Caper by Nancy Bond  
  Mini-Mystery B The Surprise Party Bamboozle by Nancy Bond  
Mini-Mystery C Moolah Mystery by Nancy Bond  
  Christmas Script: Cookin' Up Christmas by Nancy Bond  
  Christmas Script : The Christmas I'll Never Forget by Nancy Bond  
  Christmas Script : My Superpower by Nancy Bond  
  Christmas Script : A Chili Christmas by Nancy Bond  

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