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BEGIN:  Read through this page.  Gain a better understanding by looking at other pages:  FAQ's, Schedule Sample, Guidelines, and Pictures.

You'll discover what's involved and how much FUN your group can have! Also, take a moment to check out the FACEBOOK page with pictures and comments.

ENVISIONGet a vision of how a mystery dinner theater would work at your church!  Who would want to get involved?  What would be your purpose - Community outreach? Church fellowship? Fundraiser? Where would everything take place?  When do you want to present it?

An average program and full course meal take about 2-3 hours. A dessert theater can be done in 1 - 2 hours.  This time frame includes entering, seating, fellowshiping, eating, acting, completing ballots, rewarding, thanking, ...

Many church members are able to use their talents and skills in the production of the event. In addition to the cast and director, people may be involved as stage crew, creating costumes, designing props, cooking meals, advertising, etc.

RESEARCH:  Read the descriptions of the 9 full length mystery dinner scripts. You'll notice that some scripts are murder mysteries while others are mysteries of other crimes such as theft or sabotage. Naturally, there are characters who have bad habits and actions. However, these actions are not portrayed as being good or acceptable - instead they have negative consequences.

If you're unsure about being ready for a full length script, then read through the 3 mini-mystery scripts or the mid-size script descriptions. These scripts are great options for first timers or for part of a larger event such as a retreat, camp, or lock-in.

REQUEST A PREVIEW:  After reading through the descriptions, select 1 to 3 scripts to preview. Complete the short online PREVIEW FORM.  You will be emailed four PDF documents per script:  A portion of the script for you to understand the flow, a list of characters for you to determine if you have the right people to fill the cast, a suggested schedule, and a copyright agreement.  (Because you only receive part of the script, previews are free!)

GATHER:  Don't make the decision alone! Get with others who are interested and discuss which script fits your church or organization best!  Keep in mind the age and size of your cast, audience interest, your experience, and time frame.

ORDER:   Complete the online ORDER FORM. Pay with a credit card on PayPal, by phone, or if you prefer - mail a check. After payment is received, the script as a PDF Document plus an abundance of extras will be emailed to you that same day or the next business day. 

Every script includes
: logos, adaptable playbill, suspects' list, table game for audience, set up suggestions, ballots, adaptable ad poster, character descriptions, chageable handouts for invites, Greatest Mystery Handout,. . . These extras will help you have the best event possible!  (And you won't be asked to purchase any additional products!)

To keep it simple, your $125 payment covers all copies that you make for your cast, stage crew, sound team, etc.  Also, you may have up to three performances at the SAME VENUE with no extra charge. (There is a $35 royalty for each additional performance) Naturally, this cost only covers the purchasing organization. You may not allow another organization to "borrow" your script! 


ORGANIZE:   After you pay for the script, you'll receive from one to three emails, depending on which script you order. Take time to read these brief yet vital emails!

Next, SCROLL through the attached documents to see all that you will be working with to create your spectacular event.

SAVE all the documents on your computer in folders such as "Suspect Hollywood" and then under that "Order" and "Extras".  Double check to make sure you have saved everything by counting the number of documents. Read and print documents starting with the basics such as "Set up Ideas" or "Suggested Schedule".

At first it may seem overwhelming. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, and allow yourself a break. Soon you'll be organizing, planning, and moving on to brainstorming as suggested in the next section:  GUIDELINES

THANKS and Break a Leg!! -- Nancy Bond