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These drama sketches are ideal for use in Sunday Morning Services, Retreats, etc.  They are meant to "set up" the message, not necessarily "preach" the point.  The average length, unless otherwise noted, is 5 minutes.  (Some people like to call them "skits".)

Read through the descriptions below for each drama sketch.  Once registered, simply email Nancy atNancy Bond at Stuff 4 Church* with a request for the drama(s) you wold like to purchase. 

Each drama costs $7. (You will be invoiced via email with PayPal or you can call with credit card.)  Dramas may be reproduced and used an unlimited number of times for the purchasing church only[Since the cost is so low, there are no previews for the short dramas.]    

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 F-Female, M-Male, E-Either, T-Teen, C-Child,
P-Preschooler, N-Non-speaking 

Feel:  C-Comedy; D-Serious Tone Drama;
C/D-Sketch that's more comedy than dramatic,
D/C-Drama with humorous lines or situations

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Drama: A True Friend by Nancy Bond

A True Friend by Nancy Bond


Title Subject


Synopsis Feel Author
A True
True Friendship; Chocolate; Listening; Good Samaritan 4 Female

Jessica just got fired from her job.  She's devastated.  Her attempt to use chocolate as a a pick-me-up has not proven successful.  She desperately needs a listening ear.  God sends three "friends" her way, but do any of them take the time to express the compassion Jessica needs?  (Extremely FUN!)

C Nancy
Matthew Six Matthew 6; Prayer; Storing up Treasures in Heaven 2M 2F
 5 or more Either

A mom teaches her two children about serving God from a pure heart and not for selfish motives.  This drama has been written for children or children/adults.  The lines are very easy to learn because they often echo what the Narrator says.

D Nancy
Volunteers? Learning to Say "No"; Comparing Yourself; Motives 2M 2F
2C 1NM

Hilariously Funny!!  Two moms are with their sons who have volunteered to help with a bake sale to raise money for a local children’s hospital.  The audience is able to hear what each person says, as well as their “real” thoughts!  Through some mental maneuvering, the sons get to take the day off with their “dream” girl, while the mom’s are stuck manning the bake sale.



Busy, Busy, Busy Workaholic; Perfectionist 1M 3F
1E 1P
Three workaholics restlessly wait in a doctor's office.  Their problem becomes humorously obvious when they argue over how to tie a child's shoe. C/D


Hearing God's Voice God's Voice; Bible Study; Listening to God 1M 2F A shopper hears God's voice guiding her at the mall.  Two friends bump into her.  After much discussion, they still aren't clear about how to distinguish if God is talking to us or if it's our own voice.  Very funny intro for the pastor's message. C Nancy
Washed in Him Cleansed; Jesus washes our sins away 1F 1M
Three separate monologue testimonies about how Christ's death on the cross allowed their sins to be washed away and their lives to have new meaning and purpose.  Awesome and moving!! D Nancy
Baptism and The Great Commission Baptism; Great Commission 4 Either This Reader's Theatre piece reveals the purpose of being baptized and encourages Christians to reach out to others in the name of Christ. D Nancy
Jack and Jill's Changing Lives Changes; God is unchanging 2F 1C/T Jill is rattled.  Through discussing changes happening at her church, her mother cleverly reminds her that God is unchanging. D/C Nancy
Life Purpose or Meaning of life 1M 1F
As a family finishes the game of life, they contemplate about what should really be important in order to be considered a "Winner". D/C Nancy
Peter's Encouragement to Abide Abiding in Christ; Peter 4M In this powerful monologue/reader's theatre piece, Peter encourages people to abide in Christ (John 15:5) and to really come to meet with Him at church, in prayer, etc. D Nancy
Power? God's power; family time 1M 1F
2T 1C
Mom plans a "Family Day", but it takes God's power for it to really happen. D/C Nancy
Somethings' on Happy's Mind True meaning of Christmas 2 Either Happy (a clown that can't speak) wants everyone to know the true meaning of Christmas. C Nancy
The Time Is Right Happiness 3M 4F
A take off of the game show reveals how temporary the "world's pleasures" are.  This drama is great fun for making the audience feel like part of the event. C Nancy
Box of
People's motives; Temptation; Honesty; Opportunities 1T Boy
1T Gal 1F
2 or 3 voices

A teenage boy goes through various temptations and quick decisions when he finds a box of candy and then discovers who it belongs to.  The audience is able to hear what each person says, as well as their “real” thoughts!

C Nancy



Title Subject


Synopsis Feel Author
Alexander the Centurion  ($15) Easter, Truly the Son of God 2M 1F 1E A longer drama (20 - 30 minutes) about how the Head Centurion at the cross believes in Christ and becomes a Christian.  Several other people are needed to record voices.  Two optional song suggestions. D Nancy
Click here for larger picture.
     Lord of All?
Lordship; Commitment to God 1M 1F 3E There are no speaking parts, the dramatists act out a story about how Christians can "put God in a Box" but then realize life is better when we are totally committed to Him.  Acted to "God in a Box" by Tracy Dawn on Album Poetic Aftermath D Nancy
Down at The Cross Sin's hold on us, Jesus is the Way 2M 1F 3E There are no speaking parts to this very moving piece! The dramatists act out a story about how sin can subtly take control of our lives, but Jesus is the answer.  Acted to "Down at the Cross" by The Kry on the CD called "What About NOW".  This is a FREE Drama . D Nancy
Change Maker
Jesus can give us a new life with meaning & purpose 6M 2F 2C Full Length Easter Drama (1 hour +) about a Man who discovers that His life has no meaning without Jesus.  There are others who give testimonies including a modern day testimony.  Several Song suggestions.  (Note Jesus is not actually seen in this production.) D Nancy