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Bible Promise from Psalms

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Bible Promise from Psalms


 Discovering God on Route 66

This curriculum is geared toward children in the first through the fifth grades.  Each lesson contains at least four different methods of presenting the key point(s).  Methods can include Bible reading, stories, drama, games, crafts, puppets, FUNSHEETS (can be used as Take Home review), music, special guests, etc.  There is enough material in each lesson to last at least one hour.  Please read A Letter from the Author.  For a more detailed description of this curriculum go to details and FAQ's.

Take a look at the following descriptions for each lesson.  Please send an email to Nancy at with a request for the lessons you are interested in purchasing.  Each individual lesson costs $7.  Or, save money and buy a consecutive 13-week group for only $75.

(Lessons are emailed after payment is made on PayPal, by phone, or mailed check.)


Lesson Title Description
#1 Why Study
the Bible?

Children learn 10 reasons from the Bible about why to study the Bible.  Included is a puppet show that could be performed as a drama.  Also, there are 2 FUNSHEETS from which to choose.

#2 Matthew

Children learn:  1) Jesus loves all - even those people others hate.  2) To tell others about Jesus.  3) God wants us to use our gifts and talents for Him.

#3 Seek
Ye First

Children act out a story and learn how our sins deserve punishment.  Yet, Jesus died on the cross to pay that penalty.  They play a game to understand how God should be our King.

#4 Jesus Walks
on Water

Children learn:  1) Jesus is God & worthy to be worshipped.  2) Keep your eye on Jesus & not problems.  3)Jesus will answer  us when we call out to Him.  Children will make a fun craft to remind them that Jesus is always with us.  Matthew 14:22-33

#5 Sin Is
Like Leprosy

Children learn about the consequences of sin in our lives.  This lesson includes an awesome, eye-opening demonstration about becoming a Christian.  It will change lives!  Read this component.

#6 Jesus' Death
on the Cross

Children discover how God showed His great love for us by dying on the cross.  They play a fun game with John 3:36.  They see what Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 20:17-19.

#7 Temptation

Children discover how Jesus faced temptation and what He did to resist in Matthew 4:1-11.  They learn how to do the same in their own lives.  Learning Psalm 119:11 with a game gives a reminder.

#8 Mark

This lesson is the first study from the book of Mark.  Children learn how Mark made a huge mistake.  However, through spiritual encouragement he went on to do great things for God.

#9 The
Twelve Disciples

Through games, songs, drama, and scripture, children learn who the first 12 disciples were and what it means for each of us to be a follower of Christ today.  Mark 3:13-19

#10 Jesus
Feeds 5000+

This Bible event will help children to understand that God blesses what we offer him no matter what our age.  A fun long lasting craft included!  Mark 6:32-44

#11 The
Greatest Commandment

Children learn about showing God love through heart, soul, mind, and strength as Jesus taught in Mark 12:30.  Also, an easy to sing song reminds them to love their neighbors.  A fun game will help them to remember this verse in the Bible.

#12 The

Through this Bible event, and another present day story, children learn that God wants us to joyfully give to Him.  As an option, the modern day story can be acted out by the children. Mark 12:41-44

#13 How to
Be Great!

Children learn from scripture that if you want to be great, you must be a servant!  Optional puppet show included.  A Bible Verse game helps the children learn Mark 10:43.

Below are Individual Lessons that are topical and can only be purchased individually.

Lesson Title Description
Thanksgiving Remembering
to Give Thanks
to God

Study a Bible story from Luke and then create a great craft of napkin rings that children will make for their families to say "thanks"!  It will be exciting for the children to make but even more so to present to their families at a meal!


Children will discover how just as God promised us to send His son, He also promises us other things.  Like Christ was a "gift", these other promises are gifts.  They make a craft of stars w/ promises.  Each day in Dec. the children draw out a star with their family and read the promise.

Christmas As Much as You Have Done It unto the Least of These

Children celebrate a birthday party for Jesus by bringing Him gifts.  Fun birthday party games that reinforce the lesson of Jesus coming to earth as our "lamb" are played.  Plus, a funny yet simple sketch with Happy the Clown is presented.

NT Books Learning Books
 of the New Testament

Through funny pictures, acronyms, and activities, children learn the order of the NT books. There are 3 games and the FUNSHEET that can be used at home or in class.  Also, there is a more in-depth FUNSHEET to use with older children.

Letting Dad
Know How Much
We Care!

After a very brief lesson from Proverbs 6:20-23, children make an awesome, memorable gift for their fathers!!  Any dad (or alternate person) would be honored to receive such a great gift.  Detailed directions are given.  A FUNSHEET is included to be used in class or as a take home review.

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