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Ever heard a child complain, "I've heard that before"?  If they've been in church for years, they've probably heard it several times before!  Yes, Jonah, the Garden of Eden, and Noah and the Ark are great lessons from the Bible, but there is much, much more!!  When you teach this curriculum, children will study relevant, interesting meat from every book in the Bible.  Plus, they can study the books in order so that they get a sense of where to find things in the Bible.  Children read from their Bibles every single week, so they are encouraged to bring their Bibles to church.

Also, I wanted you to know that the best way to prepare for the lessons is to start early in the week.  You will have more time to find craft or game supplies, make examples, practice demonstrations, and most of all to pray for what God wants to teach you as well as the children!  On Sunday morning when you hear things like, "This is so much fun!" and you have children remembering Biblical concepts for weeks you will be glad you gave it your all!  I have even had children to remember specific things we have done and lessons learned years later!

You are creating a foundation for these children of how vital God is in our lives. Children learn from your example as well as the lesson!  Then, after 4/5 years of sharing God through this curriculum, you will be amazed at their spiritual growth.  Also, you will have already done most of the work in order to continue teaching the next group of children!

You can pick and choose between the lessons, but children will benefit the most if you start with the first lesson and go from there.  Plus, some game types are repeated at regular intervals so that kids won't be doing the same thing each week but get the opportunity to repeat the things they enjoy.

Thank you for taking time to read about this Children's Curriculum.  I hope that you will feel free to write, email (
), or call me (614.266.2638) with any questions or comments.

Working Together for His Glory,

Nancy Bond