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Playwright Nancy Bond          ABOUT THE PLAYWRIGHT
             NANCY WALKE BOND

Nancy was born the youngest of four children in Knoxville, Tennessee to Ruth and Ed Walke.  At three days old, she returned with her parents to their home in Virginia. A few months later, she moved with her family to Decatur, GA outside Atlanta. There, Nancy grew up with encouraging parents, talented siblings, an extraordinary grandmother, fabulous teachers, creative friends, an inspiring church, and wonderful memories.

At age five, Nancy found a love for both creating and acting out stories. She and her sister wrote and performed dramas for their family. Then, during elementary school, she and one of her best friends regularly wrote dramas to present in various classes. When Nancy entered the youth group at First Baptist Church in Atlanta, the choir director asked her to write and direct a drama for a yearly banquet. After seeing the great success, the youth minister asked Nancy to write and perform dramas each month or so. In college, she was part of the drama team at the Baptist Student Union at Georgia Tech.

While in college, Nancy was truly blessed to marry Brent Bond whom she had met at her Atlanta church.  (Though they had attended the same high school - Southwest Dekalb!) Later, the couple joyfully welcomed their first son and both extended families first grandson, Zach, who was born in Atlanta.  Next they had several moves including Valdosta, GA; Wake Forest, NC; Roxboro, NC; and Galax, VA. There in Galax, they had the blessing of greeting their second son, Alex. Years later, in 1996, the family moved as Southern Baptist missionaries to the Columbus, OH area to start a new church called The Church in Galloway.

With strong church involvement, Nancy has had great opportunities to write short sketches for Sundays as well as longer dramas to put to music for special events such as Christmas and Easter. She has had a variety of experience in working with a wide range of ages including young children, youth, adults, and seniors.

In 2004, Nancy began writing mystery dinner theater scripts that churches and other non profit groups can use without the concern of unwanted or embarassing content found in many secular dramas. These mystery dinners have been a HUGE hit and numerous churches return yearly to purchase new scripts.

Her love for drama, allowed Nancy to lead the annual creative ministries conference for churches in the state of Ohio. Currently, she teaches workshops each March at the Kentucky Creative Ministries Conference in Louisville or Bowling Green.

In addition to writing and running her own business - Stuff 4 Church - Nancy has worked as a math teacher at Valdosta High School, Roxboro Christian Academy, and most recently Columbus State Community College. She has been very involved in her churches through choir, handbells, VBS, praise team, web site development, playing the drums, planning church wide events, leading drama teams, small groups, and teaching Sunday School classes and Children's Church.

In August of 2010, after 14 years of serving in Ohio, Nancy and Brent moved back to Georgia. Now, she has devoted herself full time  to writing new scripts and growing the Stuff 4 Church business. Through her creation of this website, she loves helping other churches to reach out and to be more creative through the dramatic arts!!

In 2011, she started a new website at

1666 Chateau Dr
Dunwoody,  GA  30338
(614) 266-2638

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