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These comments were taken directly from emails that I have received from people using this curriculum.  All of them that is - except the first one!  After reading it, you'll understand why I couldn't resist sharing!


"I wanted to tell you that you are the best teacher, I've ever nown.  I was a little, to shy to tell you in person.  So I decided to right you a letter instead.  You are the nicest person at church . . ." 
Allison, The Church in Galloway (Nancy Bond's 3rd grade student from children's church!)

"After teaching kids of all ages for 20 years, I can say that DISCOVERING GOD ON ROUTE 66 is some of the best material that I have ever used. The lessons are well written with the children in mind and the teachers that teach it. I love the simplicity and the ease of use. I highly recommend it to novice and experienced teachers alike."  Jody Kitts,  Victory Restoration Center

"Thank you so much for writing this great curriculum.  I really think that this will encourage our young people as well as our adults that will work with them."  Ryan Frech, North Madison Church of Christ

"Discovering God on Route 66 is so good!  Our children are having a great time, and so am I!"
Nelda Rogers, Plainview Baptist Church

"It's been very nice to have something geared a little differently for the children and certainly the joy of teaching them the many wonderful stories from the Bible, instead of the same ones over and over."  Mindi Reaves, First Baptist Church Summerdale

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your curriculum and we believe it is doing a great job with our kids."  Emily Christ, United Methodist Church

"As always the lesson are wonderfully done.  The kids and I both loved them!" 
Cathy Lynn Humphrey, Evangelistic Temple

"I really like how your lesson is laid out and how scriptural it is." 
Annette Montee, Faith Center

"The lessons have been just great and I not only get good reports from the teachers but also from my grandsons that are in the class."  Faye Harper, New Life Ministries

"I can't tell you how excited that I am over the lessons I received.  God Bless You for all your thought and imagination to bringing the word of God to our children." 
Vickie Denny, Union Presbyterian Church

"Your lessons have become quite the talk around children's church these days.  I've had several teachers tell me that if we continue to use these lessons, they would love to continue teaching children's church.  I've used several of the demonstrations in my Wednesday night ministry and the kids still loved it even though they had already seen the demos on Sunday morning.  Your lessons are the shot in the arm our children's church ministry needed!  Thank you for sharing your spiritual gifts with others in the world." 
Gini Turner, First Baptist Church of Maxville

"We did the puppet show in lesson 34 for the church using 10 children and it was GREAT." 
Sharon Crisel, Duck Creek Baptist Church

"Thank you so much for the work and time you put into these lessons.  They are awesome and certainly make my life much easier."  Tracy Deeken, Ripley Church of Christ