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Bible Promise from Psalms

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Bible Promise from Psalms

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 Discovering God on Route 66

This curriculum is geared toward children in the first through the fifth grades.  Each lesson contains at least four different methods of presenting the key point(s).  Methods can include Bible reading, stories, drama, games, crafts, puppets, FUNSHEETS (can be used as Take Home review), music, special guests, etc.  There is enough material in each lesson to last at least one hour.  Please read A Letter from the Author.  For a more detailed description of this curriculum go to details and FAQ's.

Take a look at the following descriptions for each lesson.  Please send an email to Nancy at with a request for the lessons you are interested in purchasing.  Each individual lesson costs $7.  Or, save money and buy a consecutive 13-week group for only $75.

(Lessons are emailed after payment is made on PayPal, by phone, or mailed check.)






Serving God
with a Clear Conscience

This lesson begins studies from II Timothy.  Through a humorous drama, prayer, interactive Bible study, and a fun game, children discover the importance of living the Christian life with a clear conscience. 


the Rules

From II Timothy 2:3-6, children learn that growing as a Christian takes hard work and obedience to rules!  There is an option for a drama or puppet show and a game to reinforce the lesson.


Evil Desires

With the help of a little teacher drama, children will learn how important it is to avoid arguing and evil desires! Plus, they discuss every day applications and make a great craft.
II Timothy 2:22-24



The Bible is the best selling book of all time.  It’s inspired by God and we need to study it in order to know God’s will for our lives. A fun game reminds the children of the powerful verses – II Timothy 3:16 and 17.  Another game helps give fun opportunities for finding various Bible verses.



In Titus 2:11-14 children will understand the importance of growing to know God better and better every year of their lives.  Children make a powerful and personal craft that could be saved for many years.


Be Subject
To Rulers

A modern day story, games, Bible study, and a snack guide the children in understanding to trust and obey God first of all and also Christian leaders in their lives.  Titus 3:1,2



Children help tell the story from the book of Philemon to discover that doing the right thing isn’t always doing the easiest thing.  A fun drama and game make this a lesson to remember.



This first lesson from the inspiring book of Hebrews reminds children that Jesus faced temptation just like we do.  So, He can give us the power to resist temptation and not sin.


One Another

After studying the Bible story about the 12 spies and Hebrews 3:12-19,  children understand the importance of encouraging one another and having confidence in God.


The Word
of God

Hebrews 4:12 reminds us that the Word of God is active and living.  It doesn’t just sit there on the page – it brings about changes in our lives!  The lesson has a variety of crafts and games to choose from.



In Hebrews chapter 11 we learn about faith and many, many people who showed their faith.  Children will learn that they can also be a person who shows their faith in God!


Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Running the “race” of living a Christian life is not always easy.  That’s why it’s vital that we keep our eyes on Jesus!  Children make a fun craft to remind them of their race.  Hebrews 12:1-4


The Same – Yesterday, Today, and Forever

In this final lesson from Hebrews, children will discover that Jesus loves us all the time - just as He loved people before us and will love those after us!  He will never leave us or forsake us!  Fun games help these verses stick in the children’s minds!  Also, a puppet show reminds the children to be content.






Be Quick
to Hear &
Slow to Speak

Children play a fun game to learn about advantages of being quick and being slow.  After studying scripture and memorizing James 1:19, they play another great game to reinforce the verse and it's meaning.


Be Doers
of the Word

From James 1:22-25, children will discover how important it is to go beyond just hearing what the Bible says, but to actually do what the Bible says.  Creative games, sign language, and clap rhythms help to reinforce the lesson.  There are 2 FUNSHEET options.


Don't Show

This lesson presents a great reminder to the children from James 2:1-3, 8, 9 that God wants us to show love to everyone.  Through the drama, real life situations, and interesting inventors, children see that everyone is special and important to God.


the Tongue

In James 3:2-5, 9, 10 visual images of horses bits, a rudder, and a spark help children to realize how hurtful the tongue can be or what a blessing the tongue can be!  This lesson also includes an easy but very powerful visual of how hard it can be to take back our negative words.



James 4:17 is a great verse to teach the children that sin is more than cussing and killing.  Sin is also not doing what we know is right to do!  Children will memorize this Bible verse and then play some fun games to reinforce the lesson.


The Power
of Prayer

God answers our prayers!  Children will help act out the story about Elijah and his powerful prayer life.  After studying scripture and creatively praying for one another, the children will play a game based on the story of Elijah.



This lesson begins the study in I Peter 1:15, 16.  Children will discover that God wants us to be holy like He is Holy.  They will have a chance to confess sins they are tempted to commit and learn how through Jesus Christ they can eliminate those sins from their lives.


to the

From I Peter 2:24, 25 children will find out that Jesus is our loving Shepherd who cares for us.  They will make a fabulous craft and then play a fun game to remind them to always turn to Jesus  - Our Shepherd.



Children will read I Peter 3:8-11 to understand that God wants us to return kindness even to others who are not kind to us.  It takes work to seek peace and do good.  After discussing real life situations, children play a game to reinforce I Peter 3:11.



Marshmallows will help to teach the children about being hospitable and serving others with their gifts.  With snacks, games, and reading I Peter 4:9-10, children will grasp that it's not just for adults to do.



Beginning with a drama, children will learn that being humble not only means not to brag but it can mean admitting our mistakes or struggles.  Then, after hearing a parable that Jesus shared in Luke, children will play a game to reinforce I Peter 5:5.


Grow in

Children embark on an adventure and also make a beautiful craft to find the eight keys in II Peter 1:5-7 and 3:18:  Faith, Goodness, Knowledge, Self Control, Perseverance, Godliness, Kindness, & Love


Be Found

A demonstration with potatoes will reveal to the children that all things are possible with God - even being spotless.  Then, after studying II Peter 3:13-14, and reviewing ways to put in effort - children will play games as reminders of the verses.

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