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 Discovering God on Route 66

This curriculum is geared toward children in the first through the fifth grades.  Each lesson contains at least four different methods of presenting the key point(s).  Methods can include Bible reading, stories, drama, games, crafts, puppets, FUNSHEETS (can be used as Take Home review), music, special guests, etc.  There is enough material in each lesson to last at least one hour.  Please read A Letter from the Author.  For a more detailed description of this curriculum go to details and FAQ's.

Take a look at the following descriptions for each lesson.  Please send an email to Nancy at with a request for the lessons you are interested in purchasing.  Each individual lesson costs $7.  Or, save money and buy a consecutive 13-week group for only $75.

(Lessons are emailed after payment is made on PayPal, by phone, or mailed check.)






Is Light

Children will study I John 1:5, 7-9 to learn more about who God is.  They will play a fun game to discover that God is light and that we need to walk in the light.  Then, they will enjoy making a craft as a take home reminder of the lesson.


in Action

From I John 3:17, 18, children will discover that the Bible instructs us to do more that merely talk about love – we need to put love into action.  Creative games and a love in action project help to reinforce the lesson.


Is Love

This lesson from I John teaches how the Bible gives proof that Jesus loves us.  Then children make a craft to show love and continue learning that we can show love to others because He first loved us.


Obey His

Fun games and a puppet show reinforce what II John teaches to show our love for God we must obey His commands.  Children will get a mental picture of walking in love.



Two people, Gaius and Diotrephes, from III John give the children examples of who to imitate and who not to imitate.  Children learn about their souls.  Plus the craft not only looks fabulous buts makes a great lesson reminder


Your Faith

Children will have a great time discovering how to build up their most holy faith and avoid the pitfalls of false teachers.  And all this from the short book of Jude



Who doesn’t want a blessing from God?  Children will discover that those who read Revelation will receive a blessing.  This first lesson peaks the children’s interest in learning from a book that so many people shy away from.  They start with a favorite craft that will bless all who see it.


Jesus II

Continuing last week’s lesson, children learn more about Jesus.  There are no scare tactics or frightening end time stories.  Children study this book to better understand our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


An Open

From the third chapter of Revelation, we recognize that God provides great opportunities for small churches and small people to serve Him!  Children will go home with a fun craft to remind them of their open doors.


and True

Through a study in Revelation chapter three, a drama and a fun game, children learn that Jesus is knocking at their heart’s door.  They will see what it means to open the door and allow Jesus to come in and eat with them.



Studying Revelation is very powerful and extremely important.  So, this lesson is full of activities and can easily be used as two lessons.  After a glimpse into heaven, children will recognize how crucial worship is.



Revelation reveals to us what a wonderful and amazing place heaven is!  There will be no more crying, everything is brand new, and God’s glory always shines!  AMAZING!


Jesus Is
Coming Soon!

Our final lesson in Revelation and the New Testament: Behold, I am coming soon!  My reward is with Me, and I will give to everyone according to what he has done.  Revelation 22:12 (NIV)

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